New Acer and Asus 4K 144Hz monitors with G-Sync

Acer 4K 144Hz Monitors

Nvidia is been working hard with Asus and Acer, for gaming?enthusiast, they are working on 4K 144Hz monitors, with G-Sync and HDR capabilities, which will be coming out soon this year.

The new monitors will have 27 inch display with a native 4K resolution, super quick 144Hz refresh rate, HDR technology and?powered with Nvidia’s G-Sync. The expected?price of these monitors are somewhere around $1500 to $2000 range, but rumours suggest that on some European retail listings the pricing for the 4K 144Hz displays?are over $3000 for first adopters.

Asus 4K 144Hz Monitors
Asus 4K 144Hz Monitors

Acer Predator X27, the upcoming monitor is the cheapest among these new displays, with price ranging from around $2500 to $3068, while ASUS with?ROG Swift PG27UQ is expected to have a pricing between $2500 and $3607.

News Source : TweakTown

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