God of War sold 5 million copies in just few months of release

Sony is at the top of the sky.

god of war sold

Recently God of War became Sony’s fastest selling PS4 exclusive title and is deemed the best selling game title of April 2018, the game has been sold a whopping 5 million copies sold in just the first month of it’s release.

John (Tsuyoshi) Kodera, Sony’s CEO announced that God of Wars sales exceeded the margin of 5 million copies in just the first month of release, the news was announced in Sony’s Investor Relations day (2018).

The game has also become the fastest selling PS4 exclusive for the company, selling 3.1 million copies in only first three days of its release. In the month of April, PS4 console was the best-selling console of that month, because of God War as the game was also the best-selling on April.

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