HMD Global to soon make smartphone components in India

HMD Global

HMD Global the?head of Nokia?with the help of Foxconn?will soon start manufacturing its smartphone components in India.The company Foxconn?will manufacture smartphone components,?(PCBs) printed circuit boards. Vice President of HMD Global Ajey Mehta an Indian, confirmed the news.

Mehta said,

Until this year, we imported all our components and assembled them here. Now we will be manufacturing some of the components in India as well… next year more, and the year after that even more. We are following the phased manufacturing programme. In line with this, we have started having conversations with our partner Foxconn to manufacture our own components in the country. It will happen over a period of time. We may be a little behind, but it will eventually happen and the components that attract import duty will be manufactured here.

The Indian Government announced the increase on import duties up to 20% on PCBs, connectors, and camera modules. The main aim for increasing import duties is to encourage companies to find solutions on?local manufacturing?which aim on to lower costs, create more jobs.

Nokia owned by HMD Global has sold around 70 million handsets globally and has expanded its business in Indian market. The company recently launched there smartphones Nokia 8 Sirocco,?Nokia 7 Plus, and the Nokia 6 (2018) in India. HMD Global??recently joined the new Google’s Android One program.

With?confidence Mehta believes that flagship Nokia 8 Sirocco and other Nokia phones will do well in the Indian market.

He said,

We put our best foot forward with Nokia 8 Sirocco. It is made out of steel, is 95 percent glass and is a performance-packed device in a compact design. We are confident about it… The end game is to be a full-range player. Feature phones are also a big opportunity. We will continue to invest in feature phones and refresh some of them over a period of time.

News Source : Gadgets360

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