Huawei planning to overtake Apple in smartphone sales

They might succeed


The Chinese tech giant, Huawei has become one of the fastest is growing phone makers in the market. Now Huawei will also expand it’s market in the USA, which was delayed due to US embargoes. Recently a report suggested that Huawei might soon over take Apple in the smartphone business.

Huawei?s executive director Richard Yu Chengdong stated that thr company will reach 200 million handset sales by the end of this year, which is neck to neck with Apple .With this rate the Huawei will overtake Apple by the end of 2019.

The interesting thing about Apple is that, it only launches few models a year and manages to sell 200 million devices, on the other hand Huawei launches more models every year, combined with it’s sub company Honor. If the company surpasses Apple, then it they will have to set standards higher to reach the first place and also dethrone Samsung.

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