Huawei surpassed Apple in global smartphone sales

Counterpoint Huawei Market Sales 2017

As?Apple?prepares to launch its next device on September 12, Chinese smartphone manufacturer?Huawei?has surpassed Apple in sales for June and July. The Counterpoint research shows that during June and July this year Huawei made more sales than Apple, placing Huawei at second place after South Korean giant?Samsung.

Peter Richardson,?Research Director at Counterpoint Research, says ?This is a significant milestone for Huawei. The global scale Huawei has been able to achieve can be attributed to its consistent investment in R&D and manufacturing, coupled with aggressive marketing and sales channel expansion?.

Also Richardson said that weak presence in south Asian, Indian and North American markets limits Huawei’s potential?in sustaining this position in near future.



  1. Samsung -?23.3%
  2. Apple -?14.7%
  3. Huawei -? 10.0%
  4. OPPO -? 7.5%
  5. Vivo -? 5.5%
  6. Others -? 39.0%
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