Lenovo Z5 with bezel less no notch display and 4TB storage!

Lenovo's next flagship

Lenovo Z5

Few days back, Lenovo’s Vice President, Chang Cheng, teased a new smartphone device on Weibo, the new post on Weibo gives us a better idea what to expect from the device and now he has posted another material on Lenovo Z5, claiming that the smartphone will feature a mindblowing?4TB of storage. Currently there no configuration that how useful it would be, as per reports we will get better view on June 14th.

As we know, the smartphone is named Lenovo Z5, which will be company’s flagship this year. The most interesting part about the smartphone is that the display design is almost bezel less with no notch, which is really needs some appreciation.

Lenovo Z5
Lenovo Z5

But the biggest question arises that where are all the required external components are located. Where would be the front selfie camera ?, the proximity sensor ?, the earpiece location ?. Bit hard to imagine to pack all this into a device that too is bezel-less with 99% screen.

Don’t get cocky as there is chance that the final product may not be as impressive as their renders, we’ll see on the coming date.

Lenovo Z5 rumoured specs :

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