The new LG V40 phone will have five cameras

Where these modules will be placed ?

LG V40 phone

As per rumour reports the new LG V40 phone can feature upto five camera modules, but currently there is no news where these modules will be placed. A easy guess maybe that they will be placed two in the front and three on the back side, reports by Android Police suggest that the front facing module will be used for unlocking purposes with your face by capturing a 3D map of your face. This feature might be good but it’s a rumor.

The expected configuration of the three back lens should be a standard wide lens combined with a ultrawide lens and the third rumored lens. Android Police said it can be a zoom lens, bokeh or depth of field lens. Whatever may be the case we know that this might be the first phone with five camera modules.

LG V40 phone will also have big display with design resembling like the LG G7. For CPU we might expect the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, with a dedicated Google Assistant button and a fingerprint sensor placed at the back of the phone.

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