Samsung Galaxy X foldable, 7.3 inch display and curved battery

Will also have foldable batteries

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As the reports suggest, by 2019 every major smartphone maker will come with a foldable device, rumors conclude that Microsoft is also ready with it’s foldable model. Meanwhile, Chinese companies will also release cheap and affordable devices by the end of 2018. And now Samsung will also release a foldable device by 2019, with name coming Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone. The new Galaxy X can emerge truly revolutionary in the field of tech.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable
Samsung Galaxy X foldable battery

The foldable Galaxy X devices are scheduled for production this summer, for the early release 2019. It can feature an OELD display with 7.3 inch wide when unfolded and 4.5 inch when folded.

Anonymous Chinese rumor suggests that Samsung SDI is manufacturing batteries for the Galaxy X phone. They are large capacity batteries ranging between 3000 and 6000 mAh, and will have curved flexible structure for foldable features.

The expected price for the Samsung Galaxy X foldable are US$2,000. Samsung will also launch the Galaxy S10 around Q1 2019, which may be a cheaper option comparing the Galaxy X.

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