Samsung introduced GDDR6 DRAM reaching 16 Gbps


Samsung introduced it’s brand new GDDR6 DRAM, the future of 4K/ 8K gaming is not so far with the blowing 16 Gbps bandwidth. The new GDDR6 by Samsung was expected to provide 14 Gbps bandwidth but instead of that it reached 16 Gbps ripping apart every other bandwidth. This very new successor of commonly used GDDR5 video memory, the GDDR6 DRAM will be available next year.


The new GDDR6 DRAM is the part of the Samsung’s 36 products that have recognized as Innovation Award Winners of CES 2018. Samsung’s new DRAM is capable to process image and video at 16 Gbps with I/O bandwidth of 64 GB/s. Along with various products going to be introduced at CES 2018, the 16 GB GDDR6 DRAM is a major attraction with it’s fastest bandwidth and lowest power consumption operating at just 1.35 V rather than 1.5 V.

Samsung says : ” It processes images and video at 16 Gbps with 64 GB/s data I/O bandwidth, which is equivalent to transferring approximately 12 full-HD DVDs (5 GB equivalent) per second “.

Everyone would be looking forward for the new memory to come as soon as possible in the upcoming GPU’s, so let’s compare with the previous GPU’s by Nvidia. The GTX 1060, 1070 and 1070 Ti with GDDR5 goes up to 9 Gbps, whereas GTX 1080 or 1080 Ti with GDDR5X memory goes up to 11 Gbps. Samsung’s new GDDR6 memory reaches 16 Gbps with the lowest power consumption of 1.35 V.

If the GDDR6 will be on 256-bit bus, it will provide 512 GB/s of memory bandwidth, whereas if it will be on 384-bit bus will go on to 768 GB/s of memory bandwidth, which seems unrealistic at first sight. We should certainly expect for the Nvidia’s upcoming GPU to feature GDDR6 memory, which can be either Volta-based or Voltere-based.

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